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Real Estate Investment Networking

One of the primary reasons to join an investment club is for the networking opportunities. We’ll meet once a month and allow members to mix and mingle among themselves and with our guest speakers for about 30 minutes or so before the formal meeting begins. This time should be used to network with your fellow teachers, attorneys, mortgage loan officers, contractors, property managers, and other guest speakers from our local area.

Networking at Real Estate Investing Club for Teachers

These are most likely to be valuable contacts that you can utilize in your new real estate investment projects. If you can connect with just one or two new contacts a week, the meeting will be well worth it. Real estate is largely done locally with the help of personal contacts. Networking at these meetings will grow your contact base, and that will help you find more and better quality deals. You never know when a new contact will completely jump-start your investment strategy. By getting out to meetings, you give yourself a decided advantage over other real estate investors in your area. People will see you and know that you are serious about the business. Investment club meetings offer a great way to increase your networking base virtually overnight.

Building a team of fellow investors and real estate service providers will provide you with the support network you need to make good, informed decisions. Checking out Investing Teams to learn more.


For more information about the Real Estate Investment Club for Teachers, please feel free to call, text, or email Robert Butler at any time: (512) 758-9134 or