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Real Estate Investing Education

After the informal networking session, there is typically a guest educational speaker at most meetings. They could discuss anything from the benefits of an LLC or a new loan product. Whoever the speaker is, they have information that you may be able to carry with you to your business. Some of the speakers will discuss topics that you may never previously have thought about, but will change your business. Like any other business, the more you know about it, the more successful you will be. This education will allow you to hold a conversation with other investors and people you meet in the business. Having knowledge of your craft is never a bad thing. Regardless of where you are in your business, you should be able to find time to learn something new every month. A real estate club affords you the perfect place to do that.


For more information about the Real Estate Investment Club for Teachers, please feel free to call, text, or email Robert Butler at any time: (512) 758-9134 or