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How Does the Investment Club Work?

The Real Estate Investing Club for Teachers is a Meetup group started by a teacher and Realtor®, Robert Butler and his mentor Javier Reyes. Our goal is to help teachers achieve their financial goals by networking with like-minded investors and real estate service providers, learning more about real estate investing,  sharing experiences in a group setting, making real estate deals, and building teams with fellow teachers. Unlike many other investment clubs, there will never be a fee to attend any of our Meetups.

Step 1: Do You Work in Education?

This group is designed and intended to specifically meet the financial needs of teachers, teaching staff, school employees, and administrators. Robert Butler and Javier Reyes would be happy to help anyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing, and you’re welcome to use our website’s resources, but we will ask for only school employees and professional educators to attend the Meetup. Spouses, significant others, and family members are also welcome. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 2: Join Meetup or Mark Your Calendar

The Real Estate Investing Club for Teachers is a Meetup group so you will get the most benefit by joining It is completely free and easy. Meetup allows you to see all of our event information, chat with other members, receive messages from event organizers, and get convenient reminders. will be our primary method of communication.

If you don’t wish to join, you can click here to see our Event Schedule. Please RSVP so that we’ll have a proper headcount.

Step 3: Attend Our Events

Zoom Meetings: While we value the networking and team-building opportunities of in-person events, we are currently only having meetings on Zoom. Each participant who RSVP’s will receive the password and login information before the meeting starts. If you haven’t used Zoom, it’s a good idea to set up your account and check it out before the actual meeting starts. Zoom meetings will be somewhat abbreviated versions of our planned in-person events.

In-Person Events: We are hoping that it will soon be safe and welcoming to hold in-person events. These events will have 6 components.

  1. Networking & Ordering Food – Our events will be held in a private room of a local Round Rock restaurant. The first 30 minutes will be a time for members to network, mingle, and order food. We will never charge for a Meetup, but we do ask that you consider ordering some food and giving a decent tip to the wait staff so we’ll be welcomed back.
  2. Welcome Greeting & Check-In – Robert or Javier will welcome everyone to the meeting and present the group with any local real estate news as well as a market update.  During the Check-In, each member of the group will state their name, where they work, and their favorite good news (professional or personal) that has happened since the last meeting.
  3. Group Presentation – There will be a 15 to 20 minute real estate investment learning opportunity presented by Robert, Javier, or a visiting guest service provider. Potential visiting guest speakers would include: property managers, appraisers, real estate lawyers, mortgage loan officers, personal financial planners, real estate tax specialists, commercial developers, estate planners, and anyone else who may provide useful professional real estate investment advice.
  4. Hot Seat Session – A member will be selected who has a professional or personal challenge preventing them from effectively reaching their financial or investment goals. The group will brainstorm possible solutions to the member’s challenge and suggest a SMART plan of action. (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely.) If you have a potential challenge to present to the group, please contact Robert before the meeting.
  5. Monthly Financial Goals – Members will be asked to share one specific SMART financial goal that can be achieved before the next monthly meeting. Returning members will be asked if they met their goal from the last meeting.
  6. Conclusion – Group organizers will share their final thoughts and reminders. Members can ask questions. Everyone is welcome to network, mingle, and pay their restaurant tabs.

Step 4: Form Teams & Make Deals

  1. Form a Team: After you have attended a few meetings, we hope that you will meet like-minded real estate investors or bring in your professional colleagues from your school to form your own real estate investment team. You may decide to join a number of different teams to chip in on specific investment opportunities, or stay within your tight-knit group. Or you may prefer to do your own investing solo as an individual. The benefits of forming team include sharing costs, pooling money for down payments, and sharing the knowledge and experience of the team. A lawyer can help you structure your team legally to minimize your financial liabilities to protect your investment.
  2. Make Deals: Our ultimate goal is that you feel comfortable in the knowledge, experience, and contacts you have made through our group to achieve your financial goals and live your best life. Please remember that you’re always welcome to attend our events to learn more even if you never decide to buy real estate investment property.

So… What’s in it for Robert and Javier?

You are probably starting to wonder. Robert and Javier started this valuable learning opportunity for me to become a confident real estate investor. That’s nice, but what’s in it for them??

We are Realtors®, and we take a value-added approach to meeting and working with our clients. We want to help you be the best real estate investors that can you be, and we’re hoping that many of our members will use our real estate services to buy and sell their investment properties as well as their own homes. You will never be required to sign or do any deals with us, but we would appreciate the opportunity to help you.

What We Are Not: Many real estate investment gurus, groups, and meetings only tease participants with high-pressure sales tactics to persuade you to buy their over-priced books, audiotapes, DVD’s, and training sessions. They sell your personal data. They promise you get-rich-quick schemes with no money down. They over-hype their fancy real estate “secrets”. They make money by promoting guest speakers for fat commission checks.

Javier and Robert do not receive any financial consideration from any of our guest speakers, sponsors, or vendors. We will not let anyone promote their over-priced products. We will not tell you the “secrets” to getting rich quick. We will never sell your data or use high-pressure sales tactics. The only exception to this general rule is for fellow Realtors. If another real estate agent is a guest speaker or attends our meeting, we will ask them for a standard referral fee if a member decides to work with them. (We would prefer you work with us which is why we’ll never share or sell your data.) Our recommendations to you for real estate service providers will never be based on financial gain for us. While we are quite happy to give you our professional opinion on real estate, we don’t give legal advice, personal finance advice, business advice, tax advice, or estate planning advice. That’s why we bring in guest speakers who are professional experts in those fields.

Now That You Know How We Work, We Hope You Will Join Our Group at

Click Here to Join Us on If you still have questions, click here to contact Robert Butler or Javier Reyes.